Zhou Dynasty Dong Yu General Xu Shi Ji.  His wife is Lady Xu .

The Yu Dong General, Xu Shi Ji, was deeply trusted by the Divine Queen . Xu Shi Ji’s father was the prime minister of the previous dynasty, but Xu Shi Ji’s status was mostly from his daughter Xu You Rong.  

When his father was still prime minister, he was deeply trusted by the Divine Queen . He was sent by her to Mount Tai to perform a ceremony for the dynasty. The demon race tried to sabotage the event by sending out Gong Yang Chun to assassinate my father and he was severely wounded. It was so bad that even the Pope couldn’t heal his wound. Only until a traveling Taoist traveled past Tai Shan City and healed his wound did he live. Therefore this marriage vow was made.

Symbol of his family is the Bloody Phoenix .