Ze Tian Ji Wikia

Leader of the Zhou Dynasty.  Her title is "Emperor" and is the first female emperor.  She rules in the name of the Chen Family.

She has an appearance of a common, middle-aged and she seems to favor simple clothes.  Prior to XinXinging, she was a Daoist.

Although she is from the Tianhai family, formally she is considered the current ruler of the Chen family. She has been in power for over 200 years.

The Divine Queen seems to have several dead sons and one current daughter.

She put down a revolt of the Chen royalists bloody handed nigh on twenty years prior when they objected to her ascending the throne after the death of the previous emperor 200 years prior. After which she exiled all members of the Chen royal line with the exception of Prince Chen Liu.  

Considered a terrifying being by the Black Frost Dragon under Black Dragon Pond .

Because the previous emperor was constantly sick and enjoyed pursuing his hobbies rather than ruling she started helping with the dynasty’s business. The entire court is under her control and many officials and Generals are under her direct rule.

She is in possession of the legendary weapon Frozen, which is kept at the Royal Palace.