Member of the Academy of Priests.

Confronted Luo Luo and Chen Chang Sheng at the Ivy Festival.  When laughed at by Xuan Yuan Po for his bad attitude, they fought and Tian Hai Ya Er crippled him.  Luo Luo confronted and defeated him, destronging his ability to XiuXing.

That little monster was strong. Due to his young age, he didn’t enter the Proclamation of the Azure Clouds yet, but everyone knew that he has the strength to enter the top fifty in the Honor Roll. It was rumored that this little monster was the apprentice of the Pope, but he never admit to this rumor. Also in another rumor, this little monster killed many xiuxingists in the Meditation Stage and including another young genius on the Honor Roll of Green Cloud when he was only ten years old. Of course, he didn’t admit to this rumor either.

The little monster didn’t attend school at the Heavenly Academy like the Pope did when he was young. He also didn’t follow the Pope and study at the Academy of Li Palace. Instead, he went to the school with the strictest rules and harshest xiu xing techniques. The reason for this is that he didn’t want to follow the same road as the Pope.

But the strict rules of the Academy of Priests didn’t stop the murders of the little monster. But the harsh xiu xing did make him stronger and stronger. Not many people dare to challenge him in the capital. Even the powerful xiu xingists would take a step back when facing him, Perhaps it was due to the rumor – the student of the Pope is always unique, but most importantly it wasn’t due to this rumor, but rather a fact that was known by everyone – The name of this little monster of the Academy of Priests was Tian Hai Ya Er, he is one of the Family of Tian Hai.