Because this school was directly affiliated to the Zhou military, in countless years it had cultivated many brave and determined youngsters and many generals as stars. During the war against the Demons , the Startaker Academy joined the war when the humans were in a hopeless state in the war. The whole school faculty and student all joined the war effort to fight back the Demons. Nine out of ten participants of the school died at the end of the war. After the war, the large school was like a graveyard due to the large number of casualty. For this reason, the Startaker Academy earned great respect in the human world and it also gained unimaginable momentum.

Everyone in the world understood the Startaker Academy’s bloody yet honorable history.

Teaching FocusEdit

Starseeker Academy considers a student’s manner and discipline of utmost importance and their ability to create simulation and strategy on the battlefield.  Especially when screenin applicants.  Starseeker Academy cared less about xiuxing . Zhou Military always believed that xiu xing is something to worry about after entering the school.


  • The field outside of the academy has a big stone tablet that was filled with the names of generals who died for the nation.

Famous MembersEdit