Previously translated as Honour Roll of the Green Clouds and Honor Roll of Boundless.

This list is carved into the walls on the back of the entrance of each academy.

Carved above them is the sentence, "The strong gale will offer strength, and I will enter the green cloud.".

There were countless powerful xiuxingist in this continent, but geniuses always start when they were young – The Honor List was the tier list for xiuxingist under the age of twenty. All of the people who entered the Honor Roll were either the core students of different countries, different sects, different academies, or geniuses who held special talents. If they don’t die in the middle of seeking the Way, then these people will all become xiu xingist with true strength.

The reason for the academies in the capital to put up the Honor Roll was to use the famous names on the list and give the students a model to chase after and enhance the connection between schoolmates. But the effect wasn’t as well as they expected – the students knew they had no chance to enter the Honor Roll, so they were only respectful, jealous, or even fearful of those names on the list.

The Honor Roll didn’t care about people’s knowledge, level, sect, gender, but only strength. The single limitation was that the people who entered the honor roll cannot be older than twenty years old. There were few times in the past that a lower level xiu xingist won against higher level ones and were immediately placed in front – this condition was despised by many.

When Tian Ji Ge first created the tier list, this condition was questioned many times, but the answer of Tian Ji Ge was simple and powerful – no matter knowledge, level, or even manner and characteristics, all mixed together was strength. The condition of the Honor Roll was to test strength, and the best way to test it was victory and defeat.

List MembersEdit

1 - Xu You Rong

4 - Guan Fei Bai

9 - Luo Luo

9 - Zhong Hui (after the Proclamation was re-evaluated prior to the Grand Examination)

10 - Zhuang Huan Yu

33 - Su Mo Yu

36 - Tang Thirty-Six

Note from TranslatorEdit

Placeholder: as I read the raws and did not know what was previously used. I prefer this for aesthetics, but Honour Roll of the Azure Clouds is also aesthetically pleasing to me; green/blue/azure being mixed in Chinese should be something familiar to readers.