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Luo Luo (落落).

Princess of the Yao race. Also known as Bai Luoheng (白落衡).

In the Tower of Purging Dust, she fought against Tian Hai Sheng Xue and defeated him.

Live Action[]

She is portrayed by Janice Wu (吴倩) in the 2017 live-action drama adaptation Fighter of the Destiny.

She is actually 16 years but decieved Chen Changsheng into thinking she was 12


Bai Luoheng's main weapon is the falling rain whip, which is an extremely strong weapon. She has shown mastery of the Zhong Shan Feng Yu Jian (Storms of Zhong mountain sword move set, someone please edit if remembered wrong) as well as mastery of the Ye Shi Bu, or discerning steps. She was ranked second in the proclamation of azure clouds.