Previously translated as Ivy Festival

Chinese is: “Ivy Banquet/Feast”

The gathering is held as a pre-trail for the Grand Examination. The event is three-days long.

On day one, Luo Luo and Chen Chang Sheng went and were ill-treated by other attendees. After being insulted repeatedly by the other attendees and then by Tian Hai Ya Er, Luo Luo finally had enough. Especially after Xuan Yuan Po, a Yao, was crippled by Tian Hai Ya Er. She engaged in a battle with Tian Hai Ya Er, eventually defeating and then crippling him. Tang Thirty-Six would have attended to confront Tian Hai Ya Er but was confined to his dorms to prevent the confrontation.

On day two, none of them attended.

On day three, the festival was moved from the Heavenly Academy to the Wei Yang Palace.  While Luo Luo was drawn away by Princess Ping Huo, Chen Chang Sheng met with Xu Shi Ji.  The general was going to injure him to prevent Chen Chang Sheng was breaking up the marraige proposal but was thwarted by Prince Chen Liu.  After that incident was Chen Chang Sheng's second meeting with Lady Mo Yu.  After not convincing him to depart the gathering, she transported him to a ruined garden.  He attempted to escape with the Thousand Mile button but it failed.  He then escaped by other means to confront the southern ambassors and thwart the marriage proposal.

The six Ivy schools are given preferential seating and treatment.

Translator NotesEdit

Placeholder: as I read the raws and did not know what was previously used. I don’t think it makes much difference, can change to Ivy Festival if people are confused by it, but… is it really that confusing?