Ze Tian Ji Wikia

Somewhat wild, overgrown garden next to the Orthodox Academy.

The most well known rebellion in the history of Zhou Dynasty also happened in the Herb Garden. When Emperor Tai Zong , who was still a prince at that time rode from his mansion to the royal palace in haste, he was ambushed by the rest of the princes. At that moment Emperor Tai Zong was still in his sleeping attire.

Everyone on this continent knew the ending of that rebellion. Emperor Tai Zong grasped the final victory and his siblings were persecuted on the spot. Several hundreds of the followers of these princes were also decapitated.

Due to this bloody and shady history, Herb Garden was abandoned by the royal family. It was used as a garden to nurture herbs and fruits. Perhaps the soils of the Herb Garden absorbed too much nutrients from the blood from that day or there were too many dead bodies underground because the herbs and fruits planted here grew very well and it was recognized by the government again and now, it’s under heavy guard duty.

Only a few people knew the reason why the Herb Garden was heavily guarded. Besides the rare herbs and fruits, some important people also come to live and visit this place. For example, when the Divine Queen was exiled for the first time from the royal palace, she xiuxinged in this place