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The Cloud Grave is the grave of all clouds and also the source of all waters.


The Center Continent and the Great Western Continent face each other across the distance of the vast ocean. The lands of the east are relatively higher, and the sky there also seems to be higher. Rising up from the lands and the seas, the clouds and mist incessantly make their way to that place. Ultimately, they all converge and do not disperse for the entire year.

This place is the Cloud Grave, the grave of all the world's clouds[1].


Here, the layer of cloud was like white down spreading off in every direction, seemingly without end. Above it, behind that void mirror, was an endless black abyss. Within this abyss were countless stars.

A solitary mountain[]

There is solitary mountain within the deepest depths of the Cloud Grave that was the path to the other continents. From the top, the cliffs of this mountain were craggy and rugged, barren of plants or even moss. However, going down, the clouds grew moister and tens and thousands of streams of water can be seen descending from the mountain.


  • The Golden Dragon traveled for countless days just to reach the bottom of the solitary mountain.