Chen Chang sheng (陈长生Chén Cháng shēng) is a fictional character and the protagonist of Ze Tian Ji. Changsheng means longevity in Chinese.


Chen Chang Sheng has always been appraised as being calm and collected. Due to the constant pressure of death on him from a young age, he matured far quicker than his peers, leading to several mistaking his age due to his demeanour.

Chen Chang Sheng is extremely strict upon himself, having established several rules and a code of conduct to follow. He always eats at a set time, and makes sure to keep himself clean. He has been shown to be a clean freak, showing his disapproval even when someone who associates with him is in any way, dirty.

With his childhood being influenced only by Yu Ren and the Daoist Canon, Chen Chang Sheng has always been ignorant to the societal niceties of the world. He's extremely straightforward and honest, much to everyone's chagrin. His simple mindedness has always led to those talking to him being rendered speechless.

Chen Chang Sheng is also extremely loyal in romance. After meeting the "elven lady", he is determined to dissolve the marriage engagement, compared to his indecision from before.


Chen Changsheng was found as a baby by Daoist Ji from the waters flowing from the Cloud Grave. He floated down the stream on a wooden basin, being narrowly saved by Yu Ren from the mighty Golden Dragon as it had decided to eat the baby Chen Changsheng.

From then on, Chen Changsheng became the second disciple of Daoist Ji, growing up in the Xining Temple. Yu Ren became Chen Changsheng's most respected senior, whom he admired much. His days in Xining Temple were quiet and peaceful, his waking hours spent reciting the three thousand scriptures of Daoist canon, memorising and comprehending it.

At the age of ten, a curious phenomenon arose, when Chen Changsheng's body began emitting an irresistible scent that made all existences want to eat him. Yu Ren admits that even he was tempted to eat Chen Changsheng and could only resist because he was a Saint.

Realizing that there was something special about his blood, Daoist Ji, on being enquired, informed him that he was "ill" and that he would not live past twenty. It was also that the meridians in his body were severed into seven by some unknown reason, crippling his hopes for cultivation. Unwilling to be subjected to such a fate, Chen Changsheng set off from Xining Temple with the intention of changing his fate.

Cultivation Edit

Realm Level Chapter Age
Purification Condensing 22 14
Fated star 24 -
Meditation Lower 125 15
Upper 163 -
Ethereal Opening Lower 175 -
Upper 232 -
Star Condensation Lower 593 16
Half-Step 1122
Concealed Divinity Lower 1183 (?)


  • He explains his naming as thus: "I was very sick when I was young and my master wanted me to live a hundred years old."